The key steps involved with buying a property are summarised below. If you need any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sales process and Steps

1. Property agreed price
2. Make the NIF (Numero Identificaçao Fiscal) to the Finança
3. Buyer has to pay reservation fee
4. Promissory contract to be done by solicitor of seller
5. Check if all condominium are paid
6. Get a "Mortgage” the buyer needs:
          a) Promissory contract
          b) Certidao do Registro (Registration Certificate)
          c) Pianta de localicazaçao (map of the property)
          d) Copy of the seller’s Passport
7. Buyer has to pay notary fee (fix cost) of 180 € for the promissory contract of the purchase and sale to “Cartorio”
8. Book the Notary to “Cartorio” to sign the deeds
9. After the deeds buyer has to pay IUP Purchase 1,5% based at higher price between seller and buyer to “Camera Municipal”
10. Registration fee (fix cost) of 225 €
11. When the sales process is completed buyer has to pat IUP ANNUALLY (April) on property value x 25% - 15% x 1.5%

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